Park School Fundraiser

 The campaign runs from 08/29 to Monday 09/12, we have 2 weeks to sell as much as possible. If every student sells at least 4 bags, we will reach our goal of $10,000.

Prizes :

Top Seller- $50 Gift Card of Choice Runner-Up-$25 Gift Card of choice

Classroom- Popcorn & Pizza Party (minimum 80 items sold)


Sell (4) Items- Out of Uniform Pass

Sell (8) Items- Student Store (1 item limit)

Sell (16) Items- School Shirt

Sell (20) Items- Dance Party

Top selling teacher will receive a POPPED gift card and a bag of gourmet coffee.

Delivery date at school is set for Thursday September 30th

If you would like your order sooner, shipping is available online (fees apply)

Shop Here For Pick up at School

Shop Here For Shipping