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What We Offer

  • Three ordering methods Online Only (Shipping and Pick-Up), In-Person Only (Brochure), or a mix of both.
  • The Easiest, Cost-free, Fundraiser Delivery (within 2 weeks) – We work more, so you don't have to. Our deliveries arrive sorted by grade and teacher making pick-up a breeze. 
  • Unbeatable Value – Supporting customers receive more with Popped. Our popcorn bags contain 12 cups of delicious popcorn for only $12. Double the value of the competition at superior taste. 
  • School’s Earn 40% With NO Hidden Fees – We are up-front with our customers. No more hidden, unexpected fees.
  • We’ll Cover the Cost of Prizes – Choose from our fan-favorite prize list or suggest your own rewards. We’ll pay for the prizes and deliver them to your school, free of charge.

Contact Mathew at 702.606.7533 or Jasmine at 702.741.1787 email

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