Richard Bryan ES 2024 Spring Fundraiser

Help us raise money for our school's garden program!

Check out all the POPPIN' prizes for selling just:

  • 1 bag- Punny rewards sticker
  • 3 bags- Mini squishy animal
  • 5 bags- Fun bendy pencil 
  • 6 bags- Extra recess 
  • 8 bags- Mini pop it sensory toy
  • 10 bags- Galaxy slime
  • 14 bags- Movie Popcorn
  • 18 bags- Sensory stress balls
  • 19 bags- Spend lunch with a friend (must be in same grade)
  • 25 bags- Genuine Squishmallow 
  • 100 bags- $25 Target gift card
  • 200 bags- Air Pods (2nd Generation)
  • Highest selling class from prek-2 and 3-5 – Pizza party 
  • Two highest selling students- Money blower cash grab.

Shop Here to Pick-up at School

Shop here to ship to yourself or send as a gift

 All pick-up orders will be delivered to the school on Tuesday, April 30th, see you there. 😋