Glen Taylor Elementary Fall 2023 Fundraiser

Help our school raise funds for the 5th grade class trip to Disney Land!

Check out these POPPIN' prizes students can earn just by selling: 

  • 2 bags - Punny rewards sticker
  • 8 bags – Fun bendy pencil
  • 10 bags – Mini pop it (sensory toy)
  • 12 bags - Galaxy slime
  • 14 bags – Movie and Popcorn
  • 35 bags – Genuine squishmallow mini plush toy
  • 65 bags – Wireless Earbuds
  • 100 bags – $25 gift card to either Regal/AMC Movie Theaters, Starbucks, Target, or Amazon
  • Highest selling student from 5th grade each class – Throw a pie at a staff member’s face


Shop Here to Pick-up at School

Shop here to ship to yourself or send as a gift

All pick up orders will be distributed at school on Tuesday November 21st,  see you there! ☺️