Coral Academy Windmill Campus Fundraiser

Help our school raise funds for The Science Olympiad, providing microscopes for 5th grade science classes, and general science materials for all classes.

Check out all these POPPIN' prizes students receive just by selling:

  • 1 of bag of popcorn - mini squishy animal
  • 3 bags of popcorn - Extra recess
  • 5 bags of popcorn - Root beer float party
  • 8 bags of popcorn - pick a friend to be with for half the day
  • 10 bags of popcorn - popcorn and movie morning
  • 12 bags of popcorn - Spend an hour with your favorite teacher
  • 15 bags of popcorn - Face paint a teacher
All pick up orders will be distributed at school on Friday, September 29th, see you there! ☺️
Shop here for pick up at school  

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